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Test Reviews

Click questions links to go to reviews for each test. After trying the test, click answers.

           (note: reviews cover many - but not all - topics on tests. Tests will be about 10-20 questions long)

1st Test: Chapter 13 - Solutions             Questions       Answers
2nd Test: Chapter 14 - Kinetics              Questions       Answers
3rd Test: Chapter 15 - Equilibrium         Questions       Answers
4th Test: Chapter 16 - Acids & Bases     Questions       Answers
5th Test: Chapter 17  plus titrations from Chapt 16  Questions       Answers
6th Test: Chapter 18 - Thermodynamics        Questions       Answers
7th Test: Chapter 19 - Oxidation/reduction    Questions       Answers

More will be added for other tests throughout the semester

8th Test: Chapter 20 - Coordination chemistry    Questions       Answers
9th Test: Chapter 21 - Nuclear chemistry    Questions       Answers