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online chemistry

CHEM 1200/1201 online links

As AUM transitions to online classes for the rest of the spring semester, the following links will take you to material needed to continue the Chem II courses.   Note: the info below is for my courses only. If you are in another instructor's Chem II lecture or lab, you will have to follow their guidelines.  Online lectures will be posted the day/time classes were originally scheduled, then replaced with new lectures the following class. But they will remain on the instructor's YouTube channel until assessment (either test or essay) is given.
                                                  Modified timetable
Week beginning Mon 4/6 (third week after spring break)
Mon 4/6 online lectures here on YouTube channel.  Begins Chapter 21, Nuclear Chemistry
Lab: #33 Part A: This week's lab: #33 (week 9 lab). Preparation of a coordination compound. Data sheet hereNote: To calculate the % yield of product (question A6), assume mass of product = 2.25 g
Wed 4/8 online lecture will continue Chapter 21. 
Due this week: All past labs due now. (send by email, include your name in email subject line)
Test 8 will be emailed 4/8 as indicated in email sent Saturday.

Online lecture links password protected - same password as given previously for the review pages

                                                              Previous weeks
Week beginning Mon 3/30 (second week after spring break)
Mon 3/30 online lecture still on YouTube channel.  Continues Chapter 20.
Lab: #26 Electrochemistry: Galvanic & Electrolytic Cell​. Data sheet for lab linked here. Use this data to complete the lab as you normally would, then submit lab (by email as pdf or jpg photos) by next Monday, again, as you normally would.
Wed 4/1 online lecture here. Concludes Chapter 20, Coordination Compounds
Due this week: Electrochemistry essay replaces Test 7: due 4/1
                          (send by email, include your name in email subject line)
Week beginning Mon 3/23 (first week after spring break)
Mon 3/23 online lecture. Completion of Chapter 19, Electrochemistry.
Wed 3/25 online lecture here. Start of chapter 20, Coordination Compounds
Due this week: No test or lab was scheduled for this week