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CHEM 3401 lab notes

Download and print the following lab experiments.  More will be added throughout the semester. 


Lab 1. Growing crystals of alum    link

Lab 2. Preparation of hexaamminecobalt (III) chloride     link

Lab 3. Properties of hexaamminecobalt (III) chloride       link

Download and print the following instructions for instrument use and bring to lab: 
                           Using the IR spectrometer               link
                           Using the UV-Vis spectrometer      link

Links to notes on the background theory for instrumentation (if you've done the Instrumental Analysis course, you will be familiar with these): 

               Introduction to UV-Vis Spectroscopy (for lab)   link

               Introduction to IR Spectroscopy (for lab)            link


Lecture notes: lab techniques (IR, UV-Vis, Conductance)    link


IR of Nujol (for IR measurements)    link