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online chemistry


               Test 4

Show all reasoning and explanation (part B) for full credit.  Total points = 40

Submit your answers to by 8:00 pm tonight

Please write your name and CHEM 3400 Test 4 in the email subject line.

It will take me a while to grade these, but will post on Blackboard asap.

The bonus points will be added if you submit by 7:10 pm, based on email receipt time

I won't be reading the answers until all are in. But I will monitor the email over the course of the test. So if there is some major issue with a question, send an email marked URGENT in the subject line (Note: wanting to delay test because you've run out of beer will not be deemed urgent).

And finally, if the web site should go down, I'll post questions on Blackboard and you should receive them automatically through email.



Part A


(Very) short answer questions. Answer all questions (1-2 words answer for each; total 10 points)

Part B


Short answer questions. Choose any SIX of the following ten questions (2-3 sentence answers for each;

total 30 points). Note: if you answer more than six questions, only the first six will be read and graded.