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         summer, 2020

CHEM 2103 online class links

Information for each lab will be posted at the links below.  
Thurs July 9: Lab 5.  Fatty Acid Analysis
Download the data sheet for the Fatty Acid analysis lab here
Report for this lab due by midnight Tues, July 14.
Note: in the above link, I also included the pages from the manual where you write your answers. I updated a little (explained on the video below), so use this to write your answers when you send - eg print out, write your calculations and scan or photograph as a pdf to send.
Watch this short video I prepared, talking about the steps in this lab. But again, really nothing new in terms of titrations calculations - all done before in CHEM I.
General note: All the labs for the course have spaces in the manual to write the calculations and write your answers. So write them in neatly by hand (maybe do on a separate sheet first, then rewrite in the report).  Then just scan or photograph the data sheet and calculation pages, then convert to a pdf (since that is a smaller file size) and email to instructor (nthomas@aum.edu). Always include your name in the email subject line. (Do a "convert files to pdf" Google search if you don't know how to convert files).
Remember to show all calculations so I can see how you derived your answer. Giving just a final number will get a zero. 
Initially I will post an "R" on Blackboard lab grade column for each lab to indicate it has been received. If you emailed the lab but don't see the "R" after a day or so, let me know. If you don't submit a lab on time, it will be assigned an "L" for late, losing 1 point a day. After three days, that will revert to a zero. When all are in, I'll post the actual grades out of 10.
PLEASE send labs as pdf files since they are smaller. Some have been sending huge files of 80mB or more, and the AUM email system is limited.
And as always, let me know if links aren't working so I can fix.
Remember, in this course, questions about the labs will be incorporated into exams. For example, there could be a questions on the final exam which asks you to calculate similar titration questions that are in the labs. So invest some time to understand the labs and the calculations.
Dr. Nick Thomas
Chemistry Department
Email questions about the course to nthomas@aum.edu

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