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online chemistry

CHEM 3401/3401 online class links

As AUM transitions to online classes for the remainder of the spring semester, the following links will take you to material needed to continue the Inorganic Chemistry lecture/lab.   
Alum Lab 1 data: crystal masses for 3/28 here
                                                  Modified timetable
Week beginning Mon 3/30 (second week after spring break)
Tues 3/31 online lecture continued with Test 5 material, Chapt 8. Gp15 
One Element Talk: email to instructor and will be posted for voting
Thurs 4/2 online lecture now posted here. Continues Test 5 material, Gp 1 elements.
Lab: #9 Preparation of mixed metal EDTA complex. Now on the lab notes page. Data shown in red in notes. Use this data to complete the lab as you normally would, then submit lab (by email as pdf or jpg photos) by next Thurs, again, as you normally would.
Due this week (by Thurs): Last three labs (#6,7,8)
                                            (send by email, include your name in email subject line)
                                                        Previous week
Week beginning Mon 3/23 (first week after spring break)

Tues 3/24 class: test 4, which covers chapter 8 up to the end of the group 13 elements (see below for details on the test)
Thurs 3/26: Lecture, continuing with chapter 8 (group 14 or test 5). 
Lab 8 would have been held after class 3/26. Link for data here (pdf file). Use data to complete lab. Instructions in the link.

Past labs


Lab 6 (last one you did in class): fill in tables and submit email asap


Lab 7 can be completed without any data. Just answer the short questions and that will be your report. Email asap.