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The Original Series only because .....well, is an explanation really necessary?

William Shatner

    Talks about his tinnitus. Seattle Times, Jun 25, 2007. link

    Talks about Van Johnson. Providence Journal, Aug 24, 2016.  link

    Talks about his daughter. Oakland Press, Jul 17, 2015. link

Leonard Nimoy 

    Talks about his photography. Boston Globe, Oct 21 2007.  link

    Talks about his career & illness. The Oklahoman, Feb 21 2014.  link


Walter Koenig.  Also Julie Cobb & Celeste Yarnall.  

    Talks about the 'red shirts.' Colorado Springs Gazette, Aug 4, 2015. link 

Louise Sorel

    San Angelo Standard Times, May 18, 2017. link 

William Schallert

    Ames Tribune, Aug 9, 2014. link 

Sherry Jackson

    Sumter Item, May 18, 2016. link 

Michael Dante

    La Crosse Tribune, Jul 30, 2015. link 

Julie Newmar

    Bergen Record, Aug 4, 2016. link 

BarBara Luna   

    Burlington County Times, Apr 24, 2016. link 


D.C. Fontana

    The Oklahoman, Feb 25, 2018. link 


Elinor Donahue  

    The Spectrum, Feb 4, 2016. link 

France Nuyen  

    Mansfield News Journal, Oct 2, 2019. link 

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