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                       My dabbling in national journalism began with stories about animals. Here are a few.

  1. Veterinarian offers unique response to animal discomfort, Sept 2, 2004. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. link

  2. South Routt couple is raising Tibetan yaks, July 11, 2004. Steamboat Pilot. link

  3. Allenstown vet applies acupuncture to patients, Nov 21, 2004. New Hampshire Sunday News. link

  4. A photographer's wild life, Feb 24, 2005. Santa Fe New Mexican. link

  5. Lawyer one with toucans, April 27, 2005. San Diego Union-Tribune. link

  6. Movie a nice twist for a snake man, Aug 20, 2006. Louisville Courier-Journal. link

  7. Fainting goats: Scared stiff, Feb, 2007. Alabama Living. link

  8. Malibu turtles have cause to celebrate, May 21, 2008. Malibu Times. link

  9. Down on the seahorse farm, May 1, 2006. Honolulu Magazine. link

 10. A look at presidents and their pets over the years, Feb 21, 2012. Cleveland Plain Dealer. link

 11. Don't give pets as gifts, Doris Day urges, Dec 18, 2015. Salinas Californian. link

 12. Tim Conway was a jockey's best friend, May 18, 2019. Louisville Courier-Journal. link


13. Take a wild ride at the Alabama Safari Park, Alabama Living, July, 2022.  link

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