inorganic chemistry   

        CHEM 3400

       spring, 2021

Class begins Thursday, Jan 2021 at 6:20 pm in 319 Goodwyn Hall (or online)
I strongly recommend taking the class online. But for those who want to attend lectures, we'll use the follow system:

Students whose last name begins with A – L will come to Tuesdays classes (and watch online Thursdays with students opting to watch all classes online)

Students whose last name begins with M – Z will come to Thursdays classes (and watch online Tuesdays with students opting to watch all classes online)

- Access live-streamed lectures every Tues/Thurs at 6:20 pm starting Jan 21 and ending Apr 27
  You will need to open the Zoom meeting link to watch the live lectures. 
  Click on link below or paste into browser:


   Passcode:  323242             Meeting ID:    829 5686 4138    

   (above info will also be emailed to students before class starts)

- Course syllabus for CHEM 3400 (lecture) here
- Course timetable (for both CHEM 3400 & CHEM 3401) here
TEST 1   (date of test: 2/16)
Chapter 9 - part 1     Link 
TEST 2  (date of test: 3/2)
Chapter 9 - part 2 and HSAB rule    Link      
TEST 3  (date of test: 3/16)
Chapters 2 & 3       Link      
TEST 4  (date of test: 4/6)
to be posted
TEST 5  (date of test: 4/27)
to be posted
Dr. Nick Thomas
Chemistry Department
Email questions about the course to
Always make sure your name and class are shown in any email correspondence as I have 50 students in 4 different courses. Also, a person's name isn't always obvious from their AUM email address.
                                                        Previous weeks
Join the Zoom lectures for this course on every Tues/Thurs starting at 6:20 pm starting Jan 21 amd ending Apr 29 at the following link (click on link or paste into browser):

Meeting ID:  829 5686 4138

Passcode  323242

Week beginning Mon 4/20 (fifth week after spring break)
Tues 4/21 online lecture continues, concluding lanthanide videos here.
Topic for lanthanide essay explained at that link.
Thurs 4/23 no new videos.
Due this week asap: All labs past Lab 6. Lab #10. Lab data was provided for Lab 10 on the lab notes page.  (Send by email, include your name in email subject line).
Element talks: Everyone has now submitted their talks. Thank you, all were good. In case you are wondering about the the grades given by your fellow students, most were very generous averaging either 9/10 or 10/10. 
If you need to know how to add voice overs to Powerpoint, ask me. Or check out this link.
Week beginning Mon 4/13 (fourth week after spring break)
Tues 4/14 Test 5 wwas given
Thurs 4/16 online lecture will begin the lanthanide videos here.
Due this week (by Thurs): Lab #10. Lab data was provided for Lab 10 on the lab notes page. 
(send by email, include your name in email subject line)
Week beginning Mon 4/6 (third week after spring break)
Tues 4/7 online lecture on the YouTube channel 
Thurs 4/9 today's lecture on YouTube channel and concludes the group 1 elements for Test 5.
Lab: #10 Copper Complexes of Dimethyl Sulfoxide. Lab data provided on the lab notes page. 
Due this week (by Thurs): Lab #9 (send by email, include your name in email subject line)
Element talks: Three talks are due to be presented on 4/9. Email to me with voice overs. If talks are not submitted, they cannot be graded. Voting for last week's elements now over. 
An email will be send to vote on each new talk (talks will remain up for about a day).
Week beginning Mon 3/30 (second week after spring break)
Tues 3/31 online lecture continued with Test 5 material, Chapt 8. Gp15 
One Element Talk: email to instructor and will be posted for voting (update: not received)
Thurs 4/2 online lecture continued with Test 5 material, Gp 1 elements.
Lab: #9 Preparation of mixed metal EDTA complex. Now on the lab notes page. Data shown in red in notes. Use this data to complete the lab as you normally would, then submit lab (by email as pdf or jpg photos) by next Thurs, again, as you normally would.
Due this week (by Thurs): Last three labs (#6,7,8)
                                            (send by email, include your name in email subject line)
Week beginning Mon 3/23 (first week after spring break)

Tues 3/24 class: test 4, which covers chapter 8 up to the end of the group 13 elements (see below for details on the test)
Thurs 3/26: Lecture, continuing with chapter 8 (group 14 or test 5). 
Lab 8 would have been held after class 3/26. Link for data here (pdf file). Use data to complete lab. Instructions in the link.
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