CHEM 2103 midterm

                   Will also post "R" on Blackboard Midterm column when received

Email your answers to Be sure to include your name in the email subject line (and on the test) as it is not always obvious from email addresses. Answers received after 7:30 pm will not be graded. This is really a 75 min test, but you have 90 min to complete and submit.
This is an open book exam. You can use the textbook, notes, etc. 
IMPORTANT: you must show all steps in the calculations to receive full credit.
Also have a periodic table nearby during the test for atomic masses (some are provided but not all)
You may write your answers on plain sheets of paper and either scan or photograph them and email as one pdf file (preferably). Alternatively, you can writing your answers in a WORD document. Just be careful with superscripts, subscripts, exponents in formulas/numbers so that they are clear. 
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