CHEM 110oC

   1st test


General Chemistry I - CHEM 1100C - First Test

Thursday 9/10, 6:20-7:20 pm


Test 1 questions now posted below. There is no class on campus today and the test can only be taken online.
Email your answers to Be sure to include your name in the email subject line as it is not always obvious from email addresses and the course number. Grades will be posted on Blackboard within a few days.
The test questions will be posted until 7:20 pm tonight (9/10). Answers received after 7:20 pm will not be graded in fairness to the class. 
This is an open book exam. You can use the textbook, notes, etc. 
You might like to write your answers first on a sheet of paper and when finished the test type them into the email. Only submit question numbers and letter answers (eg 3d) - no calculation steps, etc.